Some say that Leonardo da Vinci, invented every modern device that exists today…from robots to flying machines. Inspired by his forward thinking and vision of the future, we named our company in his honor. It’s just as “Our founder” would have wanted. In fact, he wrote it in his notes. Backwards. icniVad.


Since 2001, we’ve been providing leadership and project teams to help companies innovate new systems, products and services. Derived from our roots at the Stanford Engineering Design School, our approach follows a proven method of user research, observation, and rapid prototyping  to account for every critical assumption that needs to be tested in the real world. Our clients say that we do more in 90 days than many development groups can do in a year.

Deep learnings about your customers. Communication through prototypes. Passion, creativity and discipline. That’s what we are all about.


  • Information consulting services
  • Strategic business consulting
  • User-driven innovation, design, and product development
  • Web Application Development

Our successes include a portfolio of innovation generating over $1 billion of value for our clients,  a diverse patent portfolio ranging from telephones and robotics to novel business process designs. From complex telecommunication applications to IoT incubation labs, we apply methods of user-driven innovation to unleash new value for our customers.


Our clients define our value through reduced risk, lower development costs, faster time to market, and assured user acceptance.  Our client list includes venture backed startups and small companies as well as Fortune 100 companies such as:

  • Verizon
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Goodyear
  • Applied Materials
  • IBM
  • Coca-Cola
  • General Electric